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Ben R Shull CPA LLC is a Houston Texas CPA firm located in the who providing a wide variety of accounting, tax, and financial management services tailored designed to meet the needs of business clients. Our certified public accounting (CPA) services are designed to provide you with more time to build your business, making your work easier. We keep abreast of tax law changes throughout the year to ensure that you are taking advantage of ALL tax incentives.

When it comes to your finances, you deserve the best possible partner to help you navigate a path toward success. Our CPA Firm is here to work alongside you on the path to achieving your goals, offering independent advice, advanced solutions, and high quality, personalized service.

Responsive and highly competent, our team of financial experts are committed to delivering the critical insights and accurate information you need to take control of your personal and business finances. As a trusted partner to many individuals and businesses, our CPA firm has a proven track record of delivering only the highest quality services to our clients and helping them make key financial decisions that can reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties and unexpected tax burdens.

The Goal of Our CPA Firm

The goal of our CPA firm is to be an invaluable resource to you, acting as your trusted adviser and bringing you the benefits of the most current technical expertise, keen financial knowledge, and innovative, technology based solutions.

Please take a moment to review our comprehensive suite of accounting and tax services , then contact us—we look forward to discussing how we may help you with:


To better meet the needs of our accounting and tax clients Katy TX and West Houston, we also have individualized services for small businesses in industries like healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, professional services and other service businesses. These individualized services have enabled us to address your industry specific challenges, compliance needs and industry standard tax practices.

What Clients Are Saying

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

J Cameron

Business Owner

"I was referred to Ben Shull by a business contact and I have to say I am very impressed with his knowledge of tax laws, his responsiveness and his professionalism. He is certainly someone you want in your corner when navigating tax related issues and is trustworthy and super friendly. I deal with quite a few businesses as I am a business owner myself and I highly recommenced his services to anyone looking for a CPA and a tax expert."


K. Sanez


"A couple of weeks ago, I went to see Mr. Ben Shull. I was very satisfied with his service. He was very friendly, professional and most of all very knowledgeable on small business taxes and more. I would recommend anybody who is looking not only to get his or her taxes done but anyone who is contemplating opening a small business in the area. Mr. Shull has extensive experience in small business matters and can advise you before you open a business so you can set yourself for success. It was a very rewarding experience. Thank you very much, Mr. Shull.."


Robert W.

Sr. Partner

"Fantastic CPA with years of experience to back it up. Ben helped our family business get our accounts in order and helped us maximize our tax savings with innovative ideas. His business advising is also sound and has helped to keep our head above water in the changing medical market place. He's easy to reach and whenever I call I never feel like he is rushed for time. He answers all of my questions and never fails to bring up a few ideas I had never thought of. A quick thinking progressive business man with technological savvy. Highly recommended."

A. Clarabut

A. Clarabut


I changed to Ben Shull, CPA for our personal taxes last year, and I’m glad I did. He charges less than my former CPA, and he is available to answer my questions and give me advice. I was very happy with the results on my return. His office staff are pleasant, smart, and quick to get back to me. I am glad to have him on my team. My family and I are working on buying a small business. I made a call to Ben to ask a quick question about setting up our EIN online. He stopped me from making a costly mistake. “Just stop, exit out of the form and start again,” he said. “When you come to this question, here is your answer. Then on further down, they are going to ask this. You should answer _______, or you’ll be stuck later on. You can always change it later.” Wow. I didn’t even know I needed to know that. After that conversation, he invited my son and me to come to his office for a consultation. It was soooo helpful. We both wrote as fast as we could, taking notes. Again, he told me solutions to problems I didn’t even know were headed our way. He also had some good ideas for setting up our business and bookkeeping that I would have never thought of. I plan to meet with him regularly as we set up our business and plan for the future. To have someone on our team who has been there, done that and who is willing to share his experience and his years of studying tax law is invaluable. It is better to avoid a problem than to have to solve a problem. Ben Shull is helping us avoid problems left and right. If you have a small business or are thinking of starting one, give Ben a call. He can guide you around obstacles that you don’t see coming. He can teach you things you didn’t even know you needed to know. (And you DO need to know them.) He loves this stuff, and he is quite good at explaining it in an entertaining way that I can understand. LOVE him!

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