Welcome to Your CPA Client Portal

Your CPA Client Portal creates an instant and secure online channel of communication between you and our office.
To best insure your privacy, and in keeping with current federal privacy laws, we cannot fax or email
documentation that contains personally identifiable information. Client portals provide a secure, encrypted
exchange of your financial information.

Financial and Tax information can be shared securely using the CPA Client Portal.

Portal Feature Client Benefit
Check the Status of Your Tax ReturnTrack the ETA of your tax preparation.
Get a copy of your completed tax returnNeed a copy of your tax return but misplaced your folder? By law, we cannot fax or email tax returns. Get a copy of your return. No need to drive to our office.
Exchange files with your tax preparerHave you ever forgotten to bring a document to your tax
appointment? Save time – don’t drive back to our office – upload the document to your account via your private portal.
Get a copy of your source documents.Have you ever needed a copy of your W2 or mortgage interest statement, but didn’t have time to drive to our office? Access your documents at your convenience 24/7/365.
Update your contact information Did you move? Change your email address? Allow us to stay in touch. Update your contact information at your convenience

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