Take Back Control of Your Payroll

Love your business but loathe doing payroll? Ben R Shull CPA LLC takes the stress out of the payroll process while saving you money and time.

Being stuck in traffic. Waiting for your phone to recharge. Slow internet connection. Things like these are laborious, but none are quite as time-consuming as payroll, right?

The payroll is also one of the most business-critical operations. It has to run efficiently so your staff are paid on time and to make sure that your company is obeying all the tax and employment regulations. But what if your payroll manager is off sick? Will you be able to act fast enough to change government legislation? No? Then that’s where Ben R Shull CPA LLC comes in.

Handing Over Your Small Business Payroll Processing Is Easier Than You Ever Imagined

Managing your online payroll processing is our specialty. For your peace of mind, we’ll process your payroll efficiently and accurately. Our expert service can be personalized to suit your budget and business type.

Our Services

We offer a full suite of payroll services including:

  • Check processing and printing
  • Direct deposit of paychecks
  • W-2 and W-3 processing
  • Compliance with payroll rules — we research and respond to tax notices from all government agencies
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly processing
  • Payroll audit representation at our offices
  • Payroll notice resolution
  • Employer training
  • Consulting services
  • Full-service data migration
  • Clean-up of prior period/filings
  • Calculate employee paychecks
  • Calculate and file quarterly and year-end payroll tax forms (IRS Form 941, IRS Form 940, Social Security Forms W2 & W3, Texas Workforce Commission Form C-3, State Attorney General)
  • Payroll taxes directly deposited to the IRS and State for you
  • Training classes for Employers* (1099 vs W2 when and how, Paying Cash vs Check vs Direct deposit, Over-time rules, and Timeclock use, Salary Exempt vs Salary Exempt, and Payroll Frequency, Required vs Optional

*Additional fees apply

Professional Problem Solvers

We’ll keep you in compliance with the IRS through up-to-date quarterly and annual tax reporting as well as problem resolution. And thanks to our payroll processing software, you can even exchange data electronically. Simply submit your data and receive documents online –– it couldn’t be easier!

We Make Running Payroll a Breeze with Online Payroll Processing

With Ben R Shull CPA LLC, everything’s taken care of. With our full-service payroll processing software, running payroll is as easy as A, B, C.

Full-Service Payroll

Empowering Small Business Owners

Training staff can be incredibly costly, as can buying the latest software. What’s more, it takes time to train staff – time that could be spent on more important things! Outsource payroll to us, and there’s no need to stress about any of this.

Better yet, our payroll outsourcing services are speedy and efficient. We specialize in payroll day in, day out and guarantee to save you time, boost accuracy and cut costs. We harness the power of technology, strategy and professional experience to guide and empower business owners to take control of their payroll process.

Pass Your Payroll to Ben R Shull CPA LLC

Some of our services include:

  • Payment and e-filing of all payroll tax
  • Accurate payroll
  • No long-term contracts
  • Free direct deposit – pay month to month, cancel at any time
  • Not just “assisted” setup, we take charge and complete it for you
  • Employee self-service
  • Migration – transfer of data from an old system to a new system
  • Use our service with any accounting system (desktop or cloud)

Get in touch to discuss how Ben R Shull CPA LLC can assist your business today.


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