Full-Service Payroll

Get the Benefits of Your Own Payroll Department – Without the Hassle of Staffing, Training, and Managing.

Consider the value our full-service payroll can offer:

Think our office as your payroll department, turning this tedious administrative chore into a trouble-free function in your business. Our in-house payroll experts can address all your payroll needs, including check processing and printing, direct deposit, W-2 processing, and more. We will keep you in compliance with the IRS through up-to-date quarterly and annual payroll tax reporting as well as problem resolution. Plus, you have the added convenience of exchanging data electronically by simply submitting your payroll data and receiving documents online.

  • Outsourcing payroll proves to be a true cost saver—eliminating the need for a full-time employee to handle payroll tasks.
  • Ensures compliance—No need to worry about the complexities of the constantly changing payroll rules. With our experts on the job, compliance is certain.
  • We’re flexible—you select from weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly processing.
  • Your employees will enjoy having full online access to all their pay information such as W-2 forms and paycheck stubs.
  • Payroll audit representation.
  • Payroll notice resolution.
Full-Service Payroll

True Full-Service Payroll

Some providers of “Full-Service” payroll do not offer Audit Representation, Employer Training, Consulting, Full-Service Data Migration, or Cleanup of Prior Payrolls.

  • Direct deposit of paychecks
  • Calculate employee paychecks
  • Calculate and file quarterly and year-end payroll tax forms:
    • IRS Form 941
    • IRS Form 940
    • Social Security Form W2
    • Social Security Form W3
    • Texas Workforce Commission Form C-3
    • State Attorney General
  • Payroll taxes direct deposited to the IRS and State for you.
  • Not just “assisted” payroll setup, we take charge and complete it for you.
  • All help is from US-based staff
  • We handle notices from government agencies (IRS, State Unemployment, Social Security Administration.
  • We handle payroll audits, at our office,
  • Training classes for Employers (additional fees).
    • 1099 vs W2 when and how.
    • Paying Cash vs Check vs Direct deposit.
    • Over-time rules, and Time clock use.
    • Salary Exempt vs Salary Exempt.
    • Payroll Frequency, required vs optional
  • No annual contracts, pay month to month, cancel at any time.
  • Migration – Transfer of payroll data from old system to new system.
  • Can be used with any accounting system (desktop or cloud).